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Help a Family Today!

Help our mission to support homeless families Adopt a Duck Now!

Welcome to Adopt-A-Family's
3rd Annual Ducky Derby!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015 at CityPlace
in West Palm Beach

For 31 years, Adopt-A-Family has been dedicated to strengthening families with children in their efforts to achieve stability and self-sufficiency by providing access to all encompassing services.

Your participation in our Ducky Derby will help support local homeless families and families at risk of homelessness.

Thank you for supporting our mission!
Thank you for supporting our mission!

  • Grand Prize-$5,000
  • Second Prize-One week at Orlando Resort Marriott Grande Vista 2/2 Villa
  • Third Prize- 4 tickets to SeaWorld Aquatica
  • Fourth Prize- 2 tickets to Busch Gardens
  • Fifth Prize-2 tickets to Improv & Dinner for Two at Brio’s
  • Sixth Prize- 2 tickets to SunFest
  • Seventh Prize- $50 Gift Certificate to City Cellar

Ducky Derby Race Details

What: 10,000 bright yellow rubber ducks will be swimming in the "duck pond" built right across from The Harriet Himmel Theater at CityPlace in West Palm Beach.

When: Sunday, March 8, 2015 at 3:00 PM as part of the Family Fun Fest Event.

Where: Hibiscus Street at CityPlace.

How: The winning ducks will be randomly selected from the "duck pond."

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