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On Nathaniel's Wings

Ducks to Honor Nathaniel
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On Nathaniel's Wings
"He was born silent into this world, but his little life spoke volumes..."

Our son, Nathaniel, was born silent (stillborn), on September 7, 2014. He never took a breath, but he took our breath away. We've found comfort in an organization called KinderMourn. At KinderMourn, grieving families have a place where they can talk to other people who have gone through the same trauma they've gone through. KinderMourn also helps children effected by death, loss, and grief.

Please help us honor our son, and support a wonderful organization that is helping us reclaim our lives by purchasing (adopting) a duck! Your donation means alot to us.

Thank you for helping us support KinderMourn!

Adopting a Duck Through On Nathaniel's Wings:

  • Select the Adopt a Duck Now button below this text and select a package.
  • The team name and team member you adopted ducks from will be included in the online receipt and in the email receipt you receive.
Please note it may take up to 24 hours for your adoption to be listed below.

Thank you for adopting ducks and supporting KinderMourn!

Kristina Gibbons

Karen Sparnon

Barbara Bean

Kimberly Rathbun

Edwin Hare

Team Members

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Karen S.
Karen S.
6 25