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Hope is a difficult thing to find after losing the person your heart beats for. There is so much guilt when you even think of having hope, laughing, smiling, or God forbid, wanting to be happy. It's in these times of darkness that we need to hold on to each other, reach out to those who understand. We will never be who we were began living every parents' worst nightmare. I love my Evin more every single day, just as I would if he were here with me. This year, I want to honor the request of the parents of Evin's Ds sister, Maddy Haigler. They asked everyone to do something kind to honor Maddy (who left us a little over a year ago) on her birthday, March 29th. This is for Evin and Maddy. I feel they are together, and I KNOW my Mom is taking good care of them <3

Pamela Smith

Sarah Haigler

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Pamela S.
Pamela S.
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