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Sweet Baby Girls

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Sweet Baby Girls

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Claire, Miranda, Caroline and Lauren. Our Sweet Baby Girls.

This is our 10th Duck Race with our team, Sweet Baby Girls. We came together the summer of 2008 with empty arms and broken hearts. Our families have grown, our lives have continued, but we still remember our Sweet Baby Girls and the healing that happened within those KinderMourn walls. And we hold so much HOPE for each and every family impacted by a loss. That they too will have the opportunity we had to come to KinderMourn and to come together with other families to find their way and to move forward with HOPE.

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Thank you for adopting ducks, supporting us and supporting KinderMourn!

Sarah & Travis Gass

Philip and Susan Prince

Talitha Benignus

Liz Franklin

Elizabeth Butlak

Dawn Prince Hoover

Heidi Suri

Emily Gribble

MGA, Inc MGA, Inc

Pamela Jenkins

John Martin

Autumn Blumenfeld

Carl Short

Teresa Walquist

Emilie Herring

Diane Story

Gillian Allen

Lisa Varga

Kerri and Ryan Judson

Team Members

Team Member Num Adopted Goal Adoptions
Beth B.
Beth B.
40 25
Susan P.
Susan P.
37 25