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Team Liam

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Team Liam

Adopting a Duck Through Team Liam:

  • Select the Adopt a Duck Now button below this text and select a package.
  • The team name and team member you adopted ducks from will be included in the online receipt and in the email receipt you receive.
Please note it may take up to 24-48 hours for your adoption to be listed below.

Team Liam has been the largest team at the KinderMourn Hope Floats Duck Race for the past several years and we would love for you to join our "flock"! It is hard to believe that 12 years have passed since we lost little Liam, and we continue to be amazed by the growth of our team each and every year. Thank you for supporting Team Liam and helping KinderMourn provide hope to many grieving parents and children in our community.

~ Kelly, Anthony, Abbie & Lily

Thank you for adopting ducks and supporting KinderMourn!

Kelly Burton

Winifred Stieglitz

Rosemarie Burton

Cathy Winterfield

Andrew Rouzer

Drew Heid

James Rich

Jonathan and Margaret Davis

Brian Royster

Chip Cranford

Roger Brown

Aileen Westover

Louise Waters

Crystal Crawford

Helen Trinh

Megan and Joey Canady

Erin Goldstein

Megan Porter

Melanie Goodman

Jennifer Felts

Connie Schwarzen

Lorin Bent

Mona H Petrerson

Tammy Ludwig

Leah Stewart

Janice and Larry Walker

Jeff Stewart

Christie & Kate Stump

Megan Porter

Erin Avery

Adam Silver

Donovan Chaney

Beverly Cranford

Meredith Lynch

Imogene Snyder

Cheri King

Lindsey Kerr

Robin Cortright

Rachel Cocchiaro

Janice and Larry Walker

Julie Crawford

Evia Woolard

Kathy Sirianni

Tony Burton

Stacy Standridge

Fernandez Family

Barbara Hall


Jennifer & John Cooper

Marc Gustafson

Rhonda Allison

Dr. Sharon Jones

Allyson Neeriemer

Danielle Squires

Andria Kokoszka

Christine Bave

Lee Brading

Jan, Julius Torrence

Carol McCarty

Kerry Hoggard

Karrie Tilley

Phillip Kinney

Tiffany Tomberlin

Adam Schauer

Amber & Justin Baglio

Erin Rumble

Kristy Faulkner

Marianna Williamson

Sharon Clode

Sarah Jacobs

Meredith Warren

Hartman Nissle

Kathy Guth

Natalie and David Secrest

Scott Yando

Roger Brown

Tyler Richardson

Pam Rice

Melinda Stricklen

Tiffany Lakey

Stephanie Carson

Ron & Patti Cranford

Team Members

Team Member Num Adopted Goal Adoptions
Kelly B.
Kelly B.
78 25