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Sid's Ducks

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Sid's Ducks

Sid Aaron Cohen was a joyful little boy who loved people, books, bubbles, and....ducks! In fact, "duck" was one of his very 1st words :). Sid unexpectedly and tragically lost his life at 23 months old, leaving behind a sweet twin brother (Ben), amazing parents (Jessie and Joni), and baby sister (Sophie). As Jessie and Joni went through the unimaginable experience of losing their son, KinderMourn was there to help in their deepest and darkest days of grief. We want to honor Sid, as well as the Cohen family, by raising money for KinderMourn through their annual "Hope Floats" Duck Race.

Through your donations, KinderMourn will be able to continue all of the important work that they do for grieving families. We had a great group of Sid's family and friends at last year's duck race and hope to have even more this year. Please contribute if you're able and thank you for supporting the wonderful work of KinderMourn!

Please join us - virtually by adopting a duck or more - to support KinderMourn in memory of Sid. Thank you for your generosity!

Adopting a Duck Through Sid's Ducks:

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  • The team name and team member you adopted ducks from will be included in the online receipt and in the email receipt you receive.
Please note it may take up to 24 hours for your adoption to be listed below.

Thank you for adopting ducks and supporting KinderMourn!

Rina Roginsky

Emily Pullman

Emily Heid

Kristin Hall

Miriam Gold

Barbara Jacobs

Ruby Fradkin

Eric Szerlag

Michelle Kirchenbaum

Michelle Forman

Meghan Frey

Susan and Donald Jacobs

Ellyn Gross

Erin Goldstein

Amanda Vestal

Vicki Hopkins

Tracey Lederer

Malinda Linkhorst

Patty Torcellini

Holly Gainsboro

Karen Greenblatt

Tammy Seigel

Chip Wallach

Sharon and Jerry Ness

Joan Makley

Michael Yaffe

Katherine Batzell

Regina Cates

Josh Klein

Bonnie Andrews

Dara Jacobs

Renee Loforte

Jillian Petersen

Steven Kaufman

Megan Diamond

Nicole Tate

Lorrie Klemons

Cindy Hendren Miller

Anne Sinsheimer

Kaley Motschenbacher

Lauren Susen

Kim Cuturilo

Brian & Lindsay Bauer

Betsy Klein

Roni Fishkin

Laurie Lavinsky

Joel Cohen

Ryan Walters

Elizabeth Cicirello

Lois Conrad

Jessie and Jonathan Cohen

Steve & Kate Lowry

Stephanie & George DiPaolo

Ellen and Shel Goldstein

Lisa Strause Levinson

Craig Goldstein

Deborah Block

Margaret Montague

Cameron Pease

Jennifer Wulff

Doris Li

Roz Cooper

Rachel+David Campbell

Leah Naliboff

Candace Naliboff

Talya Tateo

Sandra Rothbard

Florence Jaffa

Kate Milheim

Megan and Andy Harkavy

Thomas McLean

Tandy Senay

Mark and Diane Szerlag

Sara Abadi

Jamie Bryan

Jessie Valencia

Jessica Cohen

Julie Goldstone

Laurie Berzack

Sarah Trojan

Samantha Glesmann

Susan Soto

Amy Udoff

Kate Repas

Abbe Greenfield

Allison Glenn

Jessie Bailin

Alexis Rudie Acker

Amy Tyndall

Amanda Crowder

Sarah & Brian Landes

Team Members

Team Member Num Adopted Goal Adoptions
Jessie C.
Jessie C.
39 25
Rochelle W.
Rochelle W.
20 25
Emily H.
Emily H.
0 25