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Brodies Buddies

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Brodies Buddies

Adopting a Duck Through Brodies Buddies:

  • Select the Adopt a Duck Now button below this text and select a package.
  • The team name and team member you adopted ducks from will be included in the online receipt and in the email receipt you receive.
Please note it may take up to 24 hours for your adoption to be listed below.

Thank you for adopting ducks and supporting KinderMourn!

Thank you for supporting us in 2019, please help us reach our duck goal this year in remembrance of Brodie!


Eric & Rosa


Eric King

Maycie King

Hannah Coffey

Diane & Dawn Rippy

Hulda Elswick

Nick & Betty King

Lolita Sherer

Melanie Abernathy

Heather Benge

Candace Price

Jessica Nephew

Ann Eley

Donna Mooney

Jared Pitt

Justin Allen

William Holliway

Michelle Dew

Ann & Jimmy Rudisill

Kenneth Hanshaw

Michelle Justice

Julie Brent

Michelle Justice

Angela Palmer

Jeannie Propps

William Fleming

Dawn and Diane Rippy

Team Members

Team Member Num Adopted Goal Adoptions
Rosa K.
Rosa K.
7 25
Eric K.
Eric K.
6 25