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Team Ally Angel

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Team Ally Angel

We created, “Team Ally Angel” to remember and honor our baby girl who came and went on December 23, 2010. We would like to support KinderMourn which is a truly deserving organization. KinderMourn was there for us and they were so helpful in our healing. They provide a loving place, therapy, and connection to some truly amazing people who share similar losses.

Let's celebrate the love Ally gave to us and the hope KinderMourn continues to give to so many other families faced with loss. Please consider donating in memory of Ally. For every duck you adopt, you will be entered into the race giving you a chance to win $2,500 in cash or one of the other amazing prizes. The more ducks you adopt, the better your chances are at winning!

More importantly, your gift brings hope and healing to the bereaved families and grieving children that KinderMourn helps every day.

Duck Adoption Packages:

  • One Lucky Duck (1)-- $10* (not available online- you can Venmo me at @Sarah-Powers-28 and I will turn it in as cash to the KinderMourn office)
  • Six Quack (6)-- $30 (available online)
  • A Lucky Dozen (13)-- $65 (available online)
  • The WHOLE Raft (20)-- $100 (available online)
  • Super Flock (50)-- $250 (available online)


Pat & Sarah

Adopting a Duck Through Team Ally Angel:

  • Select the Adopt a Duck Now button below this text and select a package.
  • The team name and team member you adopted ducks from will be included in the online receipt and in the email receipt you receive.

Thank you for adopting ducks and supporting KinderMourn!

Please note it may take up to 24 - 48 hours for your adoption to be listed below.

Sarah Powers

Carole Nelson

Jonathan Dylewski

David Dylewski

Lynn Powers

Kellianne Benson

Emily Zeis

Jenna Engbretson

Leslie Wilsie

Miles and Grayson Begis

Casey Zaitz

Team Members

Team Member Num Adopted Goal Adoptions
Sarah P.
Sarah P.
0 25