Frequently Asked Questions

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Who does the Duck Derby benefit?
The Duck Derby proceeds benefit Advocates for Children.
Advocates provides services to children and families who have been the victims of abuse and neglect. Because of the generosity of individuals like YOU, we are able to serve over 13,000 children and families each year.
What is the (Virtual) Duck Derby?

Recent news about COVID-19 has impacted us all. Our primary concern is for the health and well being of the people and communities we serve. While adhering to unfolding guidelines, we are proceeding with hosting the Duck Derby as a virtual live-stream event because fundraising for our programs to support children and families is even more important now.

It's a really quacky concept. To win the guaranteed Grand Prize of $10,000 cash, all you have to do is adopt a duck. Duck Adoptions range in price from $5-$250. Each duck you adopt will be released into the random number generator, the random number generator will pick the winning duck.

When is the Duck Derby?

Saturday, May 15th, 2021

Live stream begins at 7:30 pm

Where is the Duck Derby?


Join us for virtual fun on Facebook Live (@AdvoChild) or visit the Downtown Duck Dash on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 to see the results.

Are they real ducks or rubber ducks?

Rubber ducks!

Once I adopt my duck, do I get to keep it?

No, sorry but we have some adorable little themed ducks you can purchase for only $1.00. When you adopt your duck, Advocates staff will work hard to train, coach, and condition your rubber ducks to make sure they are ready for the big day.

How will I know if my duck wins?

Advocates staff will contact you immediately with the information you provided on your duck adoption paper(s).

Can I adopt a duck for my child?

Yes, but the name on the adoption paper must be in the name of an adult (18 and older) for legal purposes.

Do all of my ducks get the same number?

Each duck adopted is tagged with its own unique lucky duck number.

What is Advocates for Children?

Advocates for Children is a non-profit organization committed to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. Through our programs, we strive to one day help create a world where all children are respected and loved, happy and thriving. Our goal is to bring hope and comfort to over 13,000 children and families every year in Bartow County, and surrounding North Georgia areas. We provide direct care to children who are victims of abuse and neglect, and offer programming that focuses on the prevention of child abuse and on crucial elements of family wellness. There are no other organizations duplicating our services in Bartow County. There is no charge for the services we provide so that is why we are so dependent upon the support of events like Duck Derby.

How old are the children?

Our seven programs assist children from birth through age 18, and in some cases ages 19-24.

What are Advocates' sources of funding?

–Donations from individuals and groups, such as churches and civic organizations

–Special events which include Duck Derby, Duck Dash, Spring Benefit, and more

–Corporate and family foundations

–Businesses - local, national and international

–Competitive state and federal grants