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Howe Development / Ludlum (Board Challenges)

Adopt a Duck... Help a Girl!
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Howe Development / Ludlum (Board Challenges)
As a board member, I am excited to have you adopt ducks and help girls with our Team!

The Lucky Ducky Race for Pace is in its 14th year!
The race being held at Caddy's Bradenton promises to be our best year yet!
This family friendly event is fun for the whole family as they cheer on their duckling, among at least 25,000 rubber ducks racing to the finish line.
Our goal is 30,000 ducks and you can help us by adopting ducks here. We will be racing in person this year! And will continue with the live-stream again this year.

What a Duck Can Do:

1 Duck - Lonely Duck = $5
School Supplies - Adopting a single duck provides a girls with the essential supplies she needs to be successful academically.

5 Ducks - Quack Pack = $20
Incentives - Girls receive points in class for staying on task completing work. These points are used as currency in our Corner Cottage. $20 provides incentives for our girls to meet goals.

30 Ducks - Flock of Ducks = $100
Counseling - Girls come to Pace when they are unsuccessful in Public School. Counselors help them find out WHY. $100 provides a girl and her family with initial counseling and goal setting, creating hope for her future.

100 Ducks - VID (Very Important Ducks) = $350
Corporate sponsorship. Banner at Caddy's and logo on your Duck for the VID Duck Race!

Team Members

Team Member Num Adopted Goal Adoptions
Andria L.
Andria L.
500 100