Quacking Down On Crime

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Quacking Down On Crime
Click the "Adopt a Duck Now" button to help the Quacking Down on Crime Team reach their goal, and read more about why they support the YESS Duck Derby below. Every duck adoption goes back to helping children at YESS find safety, healing, and hope!

Why are you helping the kids at YESS?
These kids Quack me up!

For over a year I have volunteered at the shelter every week with other police officers, members of my church, friends, and co-workers. We have made some great connections with the kiddos, fostered trust between the police and the kids and even made some lasting friendships! I have seen first hand the outstanding work done by staff in making a difference in the lives of the kids at the shelter. We are proud to support Team YESS!

Why do you think it's important to "adopt" a duck?
Adopt a duck, help a kid. Can you fill the Bill? If you adopt a Six Quack or a Quackers Dozen, we won't cry Fowl!