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19th Annual Antelope Valley
One Million Dollar Rubber Duck Race
September 6, 2024

Presented by the Kiwanis Club of Palmdale West
Supporting education and other youth programs



  • 18th Annual Antelope Valley Duck Race Results

    Million Dollar Duck Race

    1. Nathan Jones
    2. Nicte Hernandez
    3. Monica D'Errico
    4. Luz Moran
    5. Brianna Benitez
    6. Drake Farmer
    7. Mariel Gonzalez
    8. Liam Viveros
    9. Victor Garcia
    10. Emery Rodriguez
    11. Norvek Eyvazi
    12. Anna Smith

    Speed Duck Race

    1. Inez and Mark
    2. ---
    3. ---
    4. ---

    Duck Buddy Race

    1. Golden Poppy Elementary
    2. Chaparral Prep Academy
    3. Summerwind Elementary

    Roger Person’s Memorial Business Duck Race

    1. Drink Keytones Challenge
    2. DryTown Water Park
    3. PSD Ed Services Access & Equity Department
    4. Kohl's Department Store
    5. Chronister Family Trust

    Best Dressed Business Duck

    1. Kohl's Department Store
    2. City of Palmdale
    3. AV YMCA
    4. Tyler Lundin Memorial
    5. Drink Keytones Challenge

    School Duck Race

    1. Shadow Hills Magnet Adademy
    2. Buena Vista Elementary
    3. Desert Rose Elementary
    4. Barrel Springs Elementary
    5. The Palmdale Aerospace Academy High School

    Best Dressed School Ducks

    1. Chaparral Prep Academy
    2. Palm Tree Elementary
    3. Tamarisk Elementary
    4. Manzanita Elementary
    5. Yucca Elementary

    Best Dressed Community Queen

    1. Lancaster Community Queens
    2. Palmdale Community Queens
    3. Hughes-Elizabeth Lake Queens
    4. Tehachapi Community Queens
    5. Edwards Community Queens

    Community Queens Duck Race

    1. Edwards Air Force Base Community Queens
    2. Hughes-Elizabeth Lake Community Queens
    3. Acton Community Queens
    4. Palmdale Community Queens
    5. Quartz Hill Community Queens

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Gold Duck

Silver Duck

Bronze Duck

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