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Kyle's Quacky Crew
Click the "Adopt a Duck Now" button to help Kyle's Quacky Crew reach their goal, and read more about why they support the YESS Duck Derby below. Every duck adoption goes back to helping children at YESS find safety, healing, and hope!

Why are you helping the kids at YESS?
Kyle’s Quacky Crew is celebrating the life of Kyle Thomson. Kyle was 22 years old when he passed away 12/26/16. At the time of his passing Kyle was working for YESS. His life was deeply touched during the time he spent at YESS. His eyes were opened to a world that he was fortunate enough not to know. He had a passion for mentoring and nurturing the children’s lives that he touched. We are here to keep that spirit alive by spreading awareness and doing what we can to lend a hand to the YESS team. We know it is what Kyle would want us to do!