Ducks for Doorstep

With the assistance of faith-based organizations, community members and groups, Doorstep, Inc. will provide short-term emergen
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Ducks for Doorstep
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Buy One Duck and help us provide for an individual in our community!

Buy a Family of Ducks and help us provide assistance for a family in our community!

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Doorstep began in 1966 with neighbors helping neighbors, and that continues today!

We are supported by 52 interfaith member congregations, individuals, businesses, community groups, and grants.

Doorstep provides assistance with food, clothing, household items, hygiene kits, rent, utility assistance, prescriptions, dental vouchers, gas vouchers and Topeka Metro bus passes for people to get to/from work or medical appointments, pet food, and information on community programs and services which may further assistance our neighbors in need.

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Lisa C.
Lisa C.
37 25