Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our cause and how the duck race works.
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First and foremost, are they real ducks or rubber ducks?

Rubber ducks, of course!

Here is how it works...
Everyone who adopts a duck, whether online, in the mail, or at a Duck Sales Day is entered into what we call E-Quack, a database that stores all of the adoption information. Next to your name in E-Quack is also the number of ducks you have adopted. Right before the Duck Pluck, the Duck Mix Report occurs, the tag range is entered into E-Quack, all the numbers are shuffled, and E-Quack automatically assigns the number of ducks you have adopted next to a Tag Number. For instance, if you adopted five ducks, your name will be placed next to five different Tag Numbers. The Tag Numbers will be placed on your rubber duck(s) at the Duck Tagging Party.

Who does the event benefit?
Proceeds from the Duck Pluck benefit Special Olympics Georgia (SOGA). SOGA provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for 26,620 children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Our program gives them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympic athletes, and the community.

Once I adopt a duck, do I get to keep it?
No, HOWEVER we do offer various adoption options that include your very own souvenir rubber duck starting with our $32 Quack Pack!

Are you wondering what your Tag Number is?
We cannot give you your tag number because we will not know it until we run the Mix Report right before the race. We want to make sure that the Duck Pluck is not fixed in any way so numbers are not assigned until the day of the event, however rest assured all of the ducks you have adopted will be in the water!

Let’s Tag!
During the week prior to our Duck Pluck, volunteers from the community come together and place waterproof numbered tags on the bottom of every duck that plans to race. The number of ducks who have trained for our race is 12,000! If you would like to volunteer to help us tag rubber ducks, please contact Liz Smith at (770) 414-9390 x 1113 or

What if you have 10,000 Adopted Ducks but you have 12,000 Tagged Ducks?
If all our ducks have not been adopted by the day of the Duck Pluck, it means that on that day some lucky adopter(s) can still adopt! Their names will be placed at random into the mix, next to a number that does not already have a name by it. Anyone can adopt all the way up until the Duck Pluck begins, as long as the Pluck is not sold out. Only ducks with an assigned Tag Number that corresponds to an adopter will be eligible to win prizes.

What time will the ducks get plucked??
The Duck Pluck will begin at 1 PM!

Is there an admission fee for the Duck Pluck?
No, however because the venue space is small, the Duck Pluck is not open to the public.

Do I need to be present to win?
No. We will notify you if and when you win!

How will I know if my duck wins?
Special Olympics Georgia will contact you by phone or email (depending on the the information you provided on your duck adoption paper).

Is my duck adoption tax deductible?
Yes. Duck adoption proceeds directly benefit Special Olympics Georgia, a local charitable organization in Atlanta.