Frequently Asked Questions

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Are they real ducks or rubber ducks?
Rubber ducks
Once I adopt my duck, do I get to keep it?

No, after you adopt your duck YESS will work hard to train, coach, and make sure they are ready for race day. However, if you visit our kiosk in Jordan Creek Mall during any of the weekends of race season you can purchase one of our feathered friends.

Do I need to be present to win?

No, but it’s a lot of free fun on race day!
Does it cost to go to the Duck Derby?
No! All activities, give-a-ways, and entertainment are free.
What time do the ducks race?

The fun starts at noon and the ducks race at 2 p.m.

How will I know if my duck wins?

YESS will contact you with the information you provided with your duck adoption.

Can I adopt a duck for my child?

Yes, but the name on the adoption paper must be in the name of an adult (18 and older) for legal purposes.

Do all of my ducks get the same number?

Per the Official Rules, a number will be attached to each duck relating to the number on the duck adoption Entry form. Multiple duck Entries on one adoption form will be assigned a separate duck number for identification. The person whose name appears on the Entry form that matches a winning duck will be awarded the corresponding prize in order of finish.

How much do ducks cost?

Single duck: $5

Six Quack (6): $25

Quackers Dozen (12): $50

Flock of Ducks (25): $100

Can I adopt ducks on race day?
Yes, you can adopt ducks from noon 1 p.m. on Race Day (Sat., May 2) at Jordan Creek. Online adoptions will close at 11:59pm on Friday, May 1.

Can I buy merchandise on race day?

Yes. Our spec-quack-ular merchandise will be available for purchase from noon – 3 p.m on May 2.

Who does the event benefit?

Proceeds from the Duck Derby benefit Youth Emergency Services & Shelter (YESS). YESS provides a safety net of services designed to care for kids and families when they need it most. Duck adoptions support an array of programs - including emergency shelter, crisis nursery care, crisis intervention and stabilization, mental health counseling and therapy, and care coordination - impacting the lives of 1,500 children per year.

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