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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the Ken-Ducky Derby?

The Ken-Ducky Derby is a family oriented festival and an Official Kentucky Derby Festival Event. Viewers can watch the event on April 29 at 4pm at the waterfront at Fest-a-Ville. The person who purchased the winning duck will win a 2023 Toyota Corolla.

2. Who benefits from the Ken-Ducky Derby?

Harbor House is a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for adults with developmental and physical disabilities through a wide array of support programs and services. All proceeds from the Ken-Ducky Derby support the programs and services of Harbor House of Louisville and our mission empowering individuals with disabilities and their families to lead fulfilled and productive lives. Currently, Harbor House helps a little over 300 individuals, but there are over 35,000 individuals in the Metro Louisville area who could benefit from our services. Ways we help:

Employment opportunities:

§ Bulk-Mailing Employment department

§ Home-Sweet-Home Services (participants provide light housekeeping services to customers)

§ Community Employment Services (training and placement service)

§ Skills training (e.g., fundamental money skills; gardening; cooking; basic home cleaning; personal hygiene)

§ Education classes (e.g., reading; writing; typing; interview skills)

§ Physical exercise (e.g., videos; walking; team sport activities; and dancing)

§ Volunteer opportunities (e.g., daily delivery Senior Care Meals)

§ Field trips to improve participants’ interaction with the community (e.g., zoo; museums; state fair; amusement parks; library; shopping excursions)

Harbor House Vision & Mission: We are an intergenerational community that empowers individuals of all ages, abilities, and aspirations by providing opportunities through innovative vocational, health, and educational services. For more information on all of the services we provide, please visit

3. Do I have to be present to win?

Individuals do not need to be present to win.

4. Can a child adopt a duck?

Adopters must be 18 years or older to enter the race. A minor can put their name on the form as long as the parent’s name is included and will be responsible for the prize awarded.

5. Can I adopt more than one duck on this form?

Yes, adopters can adopt as many ducks on one adoption form as they like. A mix report is run the day of the race and the number on the adoption form will correspond with the numbers placed on the ducks. If you adopt 30 ducks on one form, you would have 30 numbers assigned to the number on your adoption form.

6. Can I take an adoption form home with me?

Yes, you can take a form home with you and complete it and mail it back to Harbor House in the envelope provided with the form. You will need to make sure you include a check or credit card number.

7. How can I pay for my duck adoption?

We accept cash, checks or credit card (VISA and Mastercard). Checks should be made payable to Harbor House of Louisville.

8. Can I adopt online?

You can adopt online by going to our website at

9. Can I adopt a duck on the day of the event?

Duck adoptions will be available at fest-a-ville on the day of the event until 3:30pm.

10. What are the prizes?

§ First place – 2023 Toyota Corolla

§ Second place - $1,000 cash

§ Third place - $500 cash

§ Forth place- Meta Quest VR Headset

§ Fifth place- Children's Bike

§ Sixth place- Lego Set of Bugatti Race Car

11. How can I win the Million Dollars?

The third place duck could also be the winner of the Million Dollars. Prior to the race, one out of every 3,000 ducks sold will be randomly selected and if the number on the bottom of the duck matches one of the pre-selected numbers, the Million Dollars will be awarded.