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To establish a tradition of helping others from a young age!
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Keanu’s Krakens
When we first found out about the Ken-Ducky Derby, we thought "Cool, a bunch of rubber ducks racing down the Ohio River!" Then, we found out that the race benefits Harbor House. We decided immediately that we wanted to sponsor a duck to help the cause. At the time we made this decision, we had no idea how much a duck would cost. Honestly, we thought it would be at least $25 or $50 a duck. The moment we found out a duck was only $5, we were in awe! We immediately started to look at buying a duck. Upon realizing you could sponsor a duck on a team, we applied to have a fundraising team. Why? Because if we didn't know about the Ken-Ducky Derby, the other people we know might not know about it. Creating a team allows us to spread more awareness and get a lot more than $5 raise for Harbor House. Our team goal is to get 50 ducks sponsored!!!