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Tia H. (Team There is Hope)

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There is Hope
Hi, my name is Tia. For anyone who knows me, knows that this organization has a very special place in my heart. They were there for me for and my children when we needed them the most. I have decided to give back and that is why I am helping with the duck race this year. If you do not know what the duck race is, it is a fundraiser for the Center for Prevention of Abuse. All the money raised goes to help with counseling services, the shelter for people leaving the abusive situation they are in, the food and clothes for when people leave. The money goes to a great cause, and there is also something in it for the people who buy the ducks. There are money and prizes that can be won. Everyone is a winner when it comes to raising the money. The victims and of course the people who buy the ducks.

For anyone who is not familiar with The Center for Prevention of Abuse, they are an organization that helps people leave the abusive situations that they are in. They also help with counseling services, clothes, anything those people need at NO CHARGE TO THE CLIENTS. They understand that some people do not have the money to pay for the services. That will not be a reason to not get help through them. The Center for Prevention of Abuse does these fundraisers to help pay for those costs. If you can help, that is great. If you can't, that is okay too. If you could pass this on to your family and friends that would be helpful. If anyone have any question, please feel free to text me, or call me.