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OSF -- Cardiovascular Services

Every Duck Makes a Difference!

1 duck = $5 = could provide personal hygiene products for one person staying in our emergency shelter

2 ducks = $10 = could provide fresh produce for a week’s worth of healthy meals for a family in our emergency shelter 

4 ducks = $20 = could provide a taxi to transport a survivor from a violence or abuse situation to one of our emergency shelters

5 ducks = $25 = could provide a gas card to help outreach clients get to and from appointments with our counselors

10 ducks = $50 = could help survivors afford their monthly medications

20 ducks = $100 = could cover the cost of one hour-long classroom presentation on violence prevention education

50 ducks = $250 = could cover the cost of two hours of therapy for a child survivor of sexual abuse

100 ducks = $500 = could provide funding for an Adult Protective Services caseworker to investigate possible abuse in the home of an elderly individual



Team Members

Team Member Num Adopted Goal Adoptions
Samantha F.
Samantha F.
78 25