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What time will the ducks be plucked?

The Desert Duck Derby Duck Pluck will begin at 11:00am on May 2nd.

Is there an admission fee for the Duck Pluck?

No, however, during this unsettling time, we are committed to monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak, with a special concern for the at-risk families we serve, such as the elderly, homeless, veterans and low-income community members. While adhering to unfolding guidelines, we are proceeding with hosting the Desert Duck Derby as a virtual live-stream event only, with no in-person spectators.

Do I need to be present to win?

There will be no in-person spectators for the duck pluck, therefore, you do not need to be present to win!

How will I know if my duck wins?

We will announce the top 4 ducks on our live-stream coverage of the event, as well as contact the winners directly. Any prize left unclaimed 30 days post-pluck, the Producer will select a substitute winner through a random drawing drawing of entry tickets.

Can I adopt a duck for my child?

Yes, but the name on the adoption paper must be in the name of an adult (18 and older) for legal purposes.

Are they real ducks or rubber ducks?

Rubber ducks, silly!

Do I get a duck or get to keep one?

No, after you adopt your duck, The Arizona Pet Project will work hard to train, coach, and make sure they are ready for race day. After the duck pluck, all of the ducks will fly off to their next race somewhere in the USA.

How much do ducks cost to adopt?

Single duck: $5
Six Quack (6): $25
Quackers Dozen (12): $50
Flock of Ducks (25): $100

Can I adopt ducks online, the day of the Desert Duck Derby Duck Pluck?

Yes. As long as we have no sold out of available ducks, you may adopt your flock until 10:45am on Saturday, May 2nd.

Do all of my ducks get the same number?

No. Each duck adopted is tagged with its own lucky duck number and those numbers are assigned to you. A few days prior to the Desert Duck Derby, volunteers will place numbered tags on the bottom of every duck that will be in the Derby - which is 8,000! The tags are waterproof labels beginning with a 7 digit number and ending with a 7 digit number. For Example: 2475001-2498000; 2475002-2498000; etc.

What is my tag number?

We can’t give you your tag number because we won’t know it until we run the Mix Report right before the race. We want to make sure that no ducky is taking steroids and the race is not fixed so numbers are never given out. However, rest assured that all of the ducks you have adopted will be in the water.

How does it work?

Everyone who adopts a duck, whether online, in the mail, at a Desert Duck Derby booth, or in a sponsoring business, is entered into what we call E-Quack, a database that stores all of the information. Next to your name in E-Quack is the number of ducks you have adopted. The tag range is entered into E-Quack and all the numbers are shuffled up. Then, E-Quack automatically assigns the number of ducks you have adopted next to Tag Numbers. Thus, if you adopted 5 ducks, your name will be placed next to 5 different Tag Numbers.

Who does the event benefit?

Don’t let our names fool you. While there is no question our work saves the lives of dogs and cats in our community, we are so much more than animal welfare organizations. Our unique approach and revolutionary programs are focused on improving (and saving) the lives of both people and pets in our community.

Anyone who shares their home with four legged family members will know that pets provide comfort, joy, healing and improved health. We believe those benefits should be available to all. For many of our clients their pets are the only family they have. When you support The Arizona Pet Project and Lost Our Home Pet Rescue you help our community’s most vulnerable residents - including veterans, the elderly, domestic violence victims, and the homeless – with basic care for them and their beloved pets.

Join us in supporting families, helping people, and saving pets.

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