Our Prizes

  • $2500 Cash!
    $2500 Cash!
    Get Quackin' on a chance to WIN $2500!
    You can "Adopt" a Rubber Duck (raffle entry) for just $5 and a chance to win up to $2,500!! Your odds are great with only 5,000 rubber ducks being sold, so get in on the action and you could be one Lucky Ducky!

  • $1,000 Cash!
    $1,000 Cash!
    Who wouldn't like to Feather Their Nest with $1,000??
    The 2nd place winner could be you for just a $5. "Adopt" a rubber ducky today!
  • $500 Cash!
    $500 Cash!
    Don't be chicken, get your winning ducky today!
    You could change $5 bucks into $500 with one lucky ducky entry. Get yours now!