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How do my ducks get in the water?

Let’s Tag! A few days prior to the Charity Duck Race, volunteers place numbered tags on the bottom of each of the 5,000 rubber Race Ducks! The numbering begins with a 7-digit number and ends with a 7-digit number.

For Example:

What is my tag number?

Tag numbers are not available until the confidential, computerized Mix Report is run moments before the Race. Each and every adopted Race Duck will be in the water.

How does it work?

Every Race Duck adoption, whether online, in the mail, at a Duck Race booth or in a sponsoring business is entered into our E-Quack database. Next to your name in E-Quack is the number of ducks you have adopted. The tag range is electronically sequenced and then shuffled by E-Quack. E-Quack automatically assigns the number of ducks you have adopted next to Tag Numbers. So, if you adopted 5 ducks, your name will appear next to 5 different tag numbers.

What if you have 4,000 adopted ducks but you have 5,000 tagged ducks?

If every darling Race Duck is not adopted by the day of the Race, you may still adopt up to one hour prior to the Race start time. All names randomly enter into the mix beside an unassigned number. Remember, as long as the Race entries are not sold out, anyone can adopt until an hour before the start of the race.

What time is the Charity Duck Race?

All kinds of VIRTUAL fun begins at 2 p.m. Our hilarious rubber ducks are launched tumbling down the pool slide and make a huge splash into the pool where the ducks will be mixed up and randomly plucked!

How will I know if my duck wins?

The Community Assistance Center will contact you using the information you provided with your duck adoption. You do not need to be present to win.

Are they real ducks or rubber ducks?

Rubber ducks, silly!

Once I adopt a duck, do I get to keep it?

Sorry, no. After you adopt your duck, Community Assistance Center makes every effort to train, coach, and cheer him/her down the home stretch for Race Day. After the race, all of the ducks are flown to their next race somewhere in the U.S.

Do I need to be present to win?

No, the winner does not need to be present to win. Due to COVID-`9 restrictions, this is a VIRTUAL event only. We encourage all of our adoptive duck parents to tune into Community Assistance Center's Facebook Live at 2 PM on Race Day!

Is there an admission fee for the Community Assistance Center Duck Race?

Unfortunately, this year our event is only offered virtually as we do not have the capacity at the water park to invite the public like we normally do. If you would like to support CAC through this event, we have sponsorship opportunities available and you can of course adopt ducks!

Can I adopt ducks on race day?

If all of our 5,000 ducks have not been adopted before event day, the remaining ducks will be available for adoption on this event website through November 14th until one hour prior to the start of the race. Don't miss the chance to win a fabulous prize!

Who does the event benefit?

All proceeds from our CHARITY DUCK RACE benefit the Community Assistance Center (CAC), a 501c3 charity. CAC provides immediate basic needs assistance with food, clothing, utilities, rent and mortgage payments, prescriptions, ID restoration, homeless care kits, disaster recovery as well as long term case management services to resident throughout all of Montgomery County who are experiencing a financial hardship.